Drawing on our creativity to intersect marketing law and business needs

Practice Areas

Daily, companies and advertising agencies make decisions that impact what people see, hear and buy. Such highly visible actions demand legal counsel with focused expertise relating to traditional, online and new media marketing with respect to the advertising and promotion of products and services in a wide range of industries. Our knowledge of the marketing and advertising side of business translates into legal advice that helps your company achieve its marketing and business objectives.

Advertising and Public Relations

Negotiate, draft and advise on a variety of agreements such as…
  • Client-Agency
  • Production
  • Talent and spokesperson
  • Sponsorship
  • Event marketing
  • Product placement
  • Intellectual property licenses
  • National Advertising Division (NAD) proceedings
  • Joint Promotion Agreements
  • Charitable Co-Ventures, including related state filings
Review and counsel on…
  • Claim substantiation for products and services
  • Advertising and public relations materials and programs — TV, print, outdoor, catalogue, radio, online, email, buzz and viral marketing
  • Packaging and labeling
  • Privacy law issues
  • Press releases
Advise and counsel on…
  • U.S. and Global “Green” claims
  • FTC matters
  • EPA advertising-related matters
  • TV network guideline compliance
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Intellectual Property

Negotiate, draft and advise on a variety of agreements such as…
  • Licensing agreements
  • Private Label agreements
  • Music licenses for commercial use
Review and counsel on…
  • Trademark clearance including slogans
  • Copyright matters
  • Rights of publicity and rights of privacy
Trademark portfolio analysis
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Trade Practices

Review and counsel on…
  • Deceptive pricing matters
  • Price Integrity Programs
  • Warranty issues
  • Packaging and labeling compliance
  • Gift card programs
  • FTC guideline compliance
  • Made in U.S.A. rules
  • Country of origin marking
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Sweepstakes & Promotions

Negotiate, draft and advise on a variety of agreements such as…
  • Sweepstake agency agreements
  • Prize fulfillment agreements
  • Co-sponsor agreements
  • Charitable co-ventures
Draft and advise on…
  • Official Rules
  • Affidavits and releases for prize winners
  • Rebates
  • Coupons
  • Co-Packing and tie-ins
Counsel on sweepstakes and contest execution issues
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Interactive Marketing

Advise and counsel on…
  • Interactive marketing programs
  • Permissive marketing and Opt-Out compliance
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)
  • Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)
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Adversarial Matters and Litigation

  • Initiate and defend actions at NAD and CARU
  • Initiate and defend Network challenges
  • Represent clients in regulatory investigations before state and federal agencies
  • Co-counsel with trial counsel in litigation at state and federal courts
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